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We provide litigation support in those cases that interest us.  Our principal, and Managing Director Kenneth L. Bryant, has been directly and indirectly involved in a substantial number of the most significant criminal and civil cases in US history over the past 25 years (see our consulting page).  We have never lost a lawsuit in any matter, in any court, and in any jurisdiction in which we were a party, either as Plaintiff or Defendant.

We believe in social activism by effecting social change through the use of the courts in order to promote and enforce fair business practices and ethical conduct in the dealing with others.  As such, we litigate on principal without regard to legal and/or recovery costs.  We also believe in championing causes by fomenting landmark cases and creating precedent especially in those areas of the law where there is a scarcity of legal precept.

The following are the matters under current contention:

Sneaking Creek - Land and Water Rights issue involving the TVA issuance of boat dock permits.  The matter is currently in court.  We are aggressively defending the case and seeking a counter claim against the developer to dis-engorge themselves of land and water rights sold to Rhinehardt subdivision residents under pressure, including all monies paid.  Provisions in the covenants and restrictions provide for several defenses including the recovery of attorney fees.  This is a class action lawsuit.  Please contact us if you are interested in joining the lawsuit.

Crawford Heights - Developer has failed to provide water facility to the subdivision.  Litigation is pending.  This is a class action lawsuit.

More information will be posted shortly or for more information, please contact us.

Thank you!